Wednesday, 16 November 2011

So Long Since I last updated you all!

Hey folks,

You are small in number, yet you are still here following this blog.  I wouldn't blame you if you had decided to leave, because my loyalty to this blog has been rather diminished since Sept.  For that I apologise.  Lots of things have happened.

First, I finished SYSTEM FORCE ALLIANCE and am now looking for a couple beta readers to check it out and make suggestions before I edit it, and boy, is that going to be a job and a half.

But there we go.

Sadly, I have not been able to get anywhere with writing recently and I am struggling writing this to be honest.  I  just found out that I need some sort of glasses, will find out more tomorrow.  Hopefully, I can get straight back into the writing and perhaps continue with my sequel to BLACK DONALD.  Which is another thing I have been concentrating on.

The name of this sequel is still eluding me yet, but it is, like BLACK DONALD, based around an ancient Celtic folklore, Jack O' Lantern.  Of course, like BLACK DONALD, this sequel will have a struggle between good and evil in the Spiritual Realm and it spilling out into the normal realm, but it will be set a few years after BLACK DONALD.  Its all in my head, just need to sort my eyes out to get it on my proverbial paper.

Well, I am going to sign off now, with the mental note to visit more often than I have in the past few months, hopefully when my eyes are better and not giving me a headache.

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