Friday, 26 August 2011

Black Donald is now available as Paperback!

So I was speaking to my friend, Piotr, about publishing and told him my dream of holding a physical copy of my first book, Black Donald, instead of the eBook version and he showed me a site called

After much research into the site, I have found a few facts out about the site.

1: It is part of, so any book published through will be available on (and all its sister sites around the world).
2: To self-publish this book is totally free and cost is only involved if

  • you choose to use their professional team
  • you buy a proof copy to review the book prior to releasing the final draft
3: You have full control of the book, maintaining full copyright and decisions about the book at every step of the way.
4: You can have a book published within a week of submitting it, providing you follow their guidelines and use their fantastic templates.
5: It gives story tellers like me, the opportunity to hold a printed copy of your first book.
6: It is print on demand, so you do not need to buy thousands to ensure it is distributed.
7: It is a reputable company, known the world over - Amazon!

Did I mention it was free until you buy a copy and even then, customers pay for the cost of printing and distribution when they buy a copy.

So to my announcement!

Black Donald is now available as a paperback book here.

You will notice when you receive the copy, the hood has disappeared, that is absolutely fine (it looks better in my opinion that way!), but other than that, it is fantastic quality.

I ordered a proof a few days ago, and it's like a professionally published copy, I am so impressed with it.

You can buy a copy from for now, or wait a few days for it to be posted on

Enjoy reading.  For those who are stuck between e-publishing and book publishing - why not do BOTH.  You will reach a wider audience covering both avenues.

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